BLIND CHART ANALYSIS: Predicting Past and Background of Unknown People

Blind Chart Analysis is a procedure in which an astrologer predicts the past events and present condition of a native only by looking into the horoscope, without having a prior knowledge about the native. 

Astrologers practice this method for many reasons: for birth-time rectification, to bring faith in the client about the efficacy of astrology, to test the astrological techniques, to find out which method suits best for the given case, and to demonstrate his/her predictive abilities.

To do blind chart analysis successfully an astrologer should have very sound knowledge of the subject, vast experience, good intuition and a bit of luck also.

This book presents 100 cases of Blind Chart Analysis of people who approached the author for astrological consultation. This is a book, first of its kind, where the author demonstrates the method of Blind Chart Analysis by explaining the astrological reasons for the queries he asked the natives and for the responses he got.

This work impresses the reader about the power and utility of Jyotisha in general and Pirugu Nandi Naadi methods in particular. A must for anyone who wishes to gain command over the art of prediction.

UditaUditaTreasure of NadiRead MoreA class book. Mind blowing analysis of 100 real life horoscopes by Nadi techniques. I have used this principles and have got almost accurate results.CustomerCustomerTaste the real nadi techniquesRead MoreTrying in different kept great effort......if author could bring permutations and combinations of different planets like r.g rao then it would be great. For now, This book is another gem on nadi....wonderful book????????Rocky JamwalRocky JamwalMy honest review on Blind chart analysis bookRead MoreMy honest review on Blind chart analysis bookMany of my friends and people used to ask me where you have learnt the Nadi Jyotish principals and how you have beautifully applying it, your timings are so accurate, and Today I am going to reveal where I have learned the Nadi jyotish secrets and from whom I have learned it.well, well In my journey of Nadi jyotish and writing logical and scientific articles in mundane astrology, there is big role of one of my friend cum big brother and who is like mentor and inspiration to me for the learning of Nadi jyotish, who has inspired me many time to do some remarkable research work on mundane astrology in a book form. Who is none another sh Guru Rajesh Kotekal ji and 2ndly Alok Jagawat ji, who had revealed me many secrets on Nadi Jyotish those are not available in anywhere in any books.In my learning of Nadi Jyotish, There is one book which has intriguing factor in uplifting my unique knowledge in Nandi Nadi principals, it is none another " Blind Chart Analysis " written by sh Rajesh kotekal ji. If you want to learn Nadi jyotish in a right way then this book is the must have book in your library. This book's has given analysis of 100 charts where Rajesh ji has beautifully explained all the Nandi Nadi principals in a very lucid and logical way. Even You can time event of two father marriages or seperation of parents to timing of two marriages or divorces. This is not a book this is a manual of Nandi Nadi practical principals those are tried and tested in many of my cases studies. I have successfully tested these principals of book on more the 50 charts those are facing issues in career and marriage life.Do not go by my words blindly , just buy it , learn and try it by yourself you will got to know why I am 100% sure about this book. This book is itself a master piece in his writing style, written in a very logical way one can Easily understand how to apply Nadi rules. Book is very detailed and it has variety of real life case studies on different areas of life.I am giving my best wishes to Rajesh kotekal ji for all his future ventures on decoding Jamini sutras commentaries.RegardsRocky jamwalPreviousNext

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