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Jyotish: A Guide to Self-Discovery

Jyotisa is an ancient science of divination, which recognizes an essential uniformity of principles that govern the world’s entire animate and inanimate features. It is a language that helps us decipher the secrets of destiny encoded in the form of planetary patterns at birth. The universe is governed by the principle of Karma, which in layman’s terms is action and reaction. We experience in life what we deserve to experience based on our actions in past lives. Whatever we do, good or bad, has consequences, making us born in a certain family and subject to certain life experiences.

We, as a soul, are eternal and are never destroyed. But like energy is transformed from one form to another, the soul transmigrates from one body to another, giving unique experiences. Jyotiṣa works on this principle of reincarnation. No one is born with a completely clean slate, as everyone has a history. The past good and bad Karmas manifest as good or bad experiences in this life.

This book is about discovering one’s self through Jyotiṣa. This is intended for those who are completely new to Jyotiṣa and desires to use it to discover themselves, family and friends. Once one has attained some knowledge about the subject, one can advance further and strengthen one’s foundation in this subject.

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