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Yakshini Ambika

Yakshini Ambika-Thomas Alexander-Stumbit Heritage
Credit: Google

In Jainism, she is revered as Mother Goddess, she also goes by the nama of Ambai, Amba & Kushmandini. she is the sasanadevi of 22nd Tirthankar Neminatha. Kalpasutra, the Jain text from the 3rd century BC that speaks about the 24 lanchanas that were given to the 24 Tirthankars of Jainism, but there are no evidences to show of sculptural art of the lanchanas associated with the Tirthankars, maybe there were only in their literatures and from the Kushana period, around the region of Mathura also no images of Yakshas & Yakshinis were found along with the Jinas, the lanchanas with the Yakshas And Yakshinis were not associated with Tirthankars in the Kushana period, but however, according to the scholars there is one rare image of Yakshini Ambika seen on the reverse side of the Tirthankar's carving that is from the 1st cent AD and it's the earliest evidence of a yakshini with the tirthankar and after that from the Gupta period onwards(4th cent AD)we can see Jain Tirthankars images alongside with their Yakshas & Yakshinis. 

In the next stage of 6th - 9th cent the Yakshas & Yakshinis gained popularity along with lanchanas. From Bihar 6th/7th cent AD.

Credit: Thomas Alexander

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