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The Politically Incorrect Guide to Jihad

After every brutal attack we hear the same comfortable clichés: Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. Most Muslims are moderate. Or that's what the authorities tell us whenever Americans die at the hands of a guy shouting, "Allahu akbar."

For some strange reason, though, angry adherents of the Religion of Peace continually resort to mass shootings, beheadings, and suicide bombs in their efforts to win the world for Islam. That campaign of violence is known to Muslims--and these days to the rest of us, to our sorrow--as jihad. Far from an aberration, it has been an integral part of the religion of Muhammad from the beginning.

Now, former professor and author William Kilpatrick skewers the politically correct nonsense surrounding jihad and shows its true causes, the jihadists' ultimate aims, and their terrifying successes to date. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Jihad reveals:

Islam doesn't mean "peace"; it means "submission"

Jihad is a religious obligation that remains in force until the whole world submits to Islam

The idea that jihad is an inner struggle is "hogwash"

Wealth and education, not poverty and ignorance, are the risk factors for jihadist terrorism

"Peaceful Islam" is a holdover from the long-dead colonial era

Police in the UK arrest an average of a jihadist a day

Why jihadists have been more successful at infiltrating America than the Nazi ever were

How stealth jihadists are moving to take over schools and impose sharia law without firing a shot

How political correctness about Islam kills

Kilpatrick exposes those who are enabling the jihadists through appeasement, and provides long overdue practical recommendations for how we must defeat jihad.

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